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Taco Bueno and TM Advertising Take Tailgating To a Whole New Level with Taco Charlton

September 6, 2017

Taco Bueno and TM Advertising Take Tailgating To a Whole New Level with Taco Charlton

DALLAS (Sept. 6, 2017) – America’s Team first round draft pick Taco Charlton and America's #1 Tex-Mex fast food restaurant Taco Bueno have teamed up to kick off football season with an advertising campaign for the new Wholotta Tailgate Box.

TM Advertising, who was named Taco Bueno's agency of record in July, created the campaign during the agency review process and shot the commercial and social videos with Taco Charlton just weeks after the partnership began and the day before the defensive rookie headed off to training camp.

“We were thrilled to be named Taco Bueno’s new agency partner and excited to hit the ground running with a campaign featuring Taco Charlton," said Lisa Bennett, TM Chief Creative Officer. "Taco is an incredibly talented, hard-working, nice guy. And yes, he loves tacos, which made our job a whole lot easier."

Sarah Beddoe, who joined the Taco Bueno team last February as Chief Marketing Officer, set out to shake up the brand’s messaging and increase relevance with marketing innovation that leverages the Tex-Mex authenticity the brand has embraced for 50 years. This loyalty has firmly planted Taco Bueno as regional favorite in a highly competitive environment.

“The advocacy for Taco Bueno is truly astounding with more than 500,000 ‘Buenoheads’ nationwide. We were looking to reach even more lovers of Tex-Mex with the new Wholotta Tailgate Box and needed a fresh, breakthrough campaign. Our new agency partner, TM Advertising, developed an approach that does exactly that. It utilizes Taco Charlton and amplifies his love for our tacos."

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The Wholotta Tailgate Box includes eight Crispy Beef Party Tacos or eight Chicken or Beef Taquitos, four large bags of chips and five large dips, including queso, refried beans, jalapeno ranch, firehouse salsa and Taco Bueno’s Original Red Salsa.

In addition to the Wholotta Tailgate Box, Taco Bueno is unveiling their new $5 Box. This combination box comes with two options:

This year has marked a monumental ramp up of advertising, public relations, promotional and social marketing initiatives that distinctly aligns Taco Bueno for growth and awareness in the ever-changing market of QSR.

Beddoe recognizes that, while value and quality are two hallmarks of Taco Bueno’s highly successful model, the need to push awareness, may it be through celebrity endorsement, clever visuals and a distinctive voice (of which this campaign carries all three) is paramount for the brand as it anticipates a rapid growth in franchising and corporate expansion.

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About Taco Bueno Restaurants L.P.

Taco Bueno is committed to creating an authentic Tex-Mex experience. Taco Bueno is passionate about providing better tasting Tex-Mex, prepared daily with fresh, hand-selected ingredients. Founded in 1967 in Abilene, Texas, Taco Bueno operates 184 restaurants in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Louisiana. The company is privately owned by TPG Growth. Learn more about Taco Bueno by visiting or

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